midair /midˈer/, n.

As promised, the millennial adult is back.

In my last blog post, Exhibit A of my undeniable adulthood, I promised I would follow up with Exhibits B and C. I realize now that there’s also an Exhibit D to include in this series—and undoubtedly more moments that will happen as I get older.

But until those days come, I remain assured of my youth because I can still count these moments on one hand.

Exhibit B:

Candle Boy and I took a weekend trip to Santa Cruz back in July. On day one, we visited a goat farm and went berry picking before arriving at our unexpectedly luxurious Airbnb in Bonny Doon.

On day two, we decided it would be a fun change of pace from our usual dates—which, to date, have largely involved food, dance, and quiet time with snacks at home—to go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The last time he’d gone was when he was still a kid, in middle school. I’d never gone before, so we both thought, what better time to go than now?

When Candle Boy was little, he’d loved riding the pirate boat rides, the ones that swing you back and forth until it gets enough momentum to swing you all the way over 360°. Neither of us had gone on roller coasters in years, so the pirate boat ride seemed simple enough, and also had a blessedly short line.

Gondola lifts at the Boardwalk | Photo by Courtney Cheng

When our turn came around, we sat on the side that, when flipped upside down, would look out at the ocean.

The first few swings were great. It was fun being in the air, seeing the entirety of the Boardwalk and all its colors stretch out beneath us. Then, we got swung higher, until we reached the top of the circle, and hung there for a moment, upside down, seated in our chairs.

The view was great. We’d chosen well.

My head, however, did not think this was a great idea. I wasn’t dizzy, I wasn’t nauseous—I just wasn’t terribly happy to be hanging upside down while the rest of my body felt I ought to be sitting right-side-up.

We fell back down, only to have momentum swing us immediately back upside down again. And then again, and again, and again. I stopped counting after the fifth round back over and instead watched two teenage girls on the opposite side of the ride film the experience on their iPhones, as if this were normal for them.

Back on the ground, Candle Boy and I looked at each other. “Let’s maybe wait for a bit before we get ice cream,” he said.

“Yeah, let’s wait.”

“Yeah, okay, good.”

My body is getting old.

Exhibit C and D to come…later this year. Next post will be about my adventure-trip, that I’ve been counting down for since T-33 days.

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