I am a creative, written and visual content creator with project management and digital marketing experience in the education and nonprofit space. Please contact me via email regarding any freelance writing or marketing gigs.

I currently work at the Cal Alumni Association as Project Manager of Marketing and Communications.

Previously, I served as a Content Writer for a media marketing company called Trancos, Inc., where I wrote articles about food, fitness, and health and established the brand voice of three of our company pages (HealthyPage, eHealthWire, and KeyRecipes). As Facebook changed its algorithm to avoid “clickbait” content (particularly from third-party publishers) and fake news sites, the angle and tone of my articles became critical in achieving the same reach and traffic as before the algorithm change.

In addition, I also worked with our company’s Art Director to create breaking news videos for one of our Facebook pages (NX2). These videos allowed our company pages to reach a wider audience and earn more Likes on Facebook.

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I also served as a freelance writer for the food media startup, Confetti Kitchen, which has since rebranded as Hidden Rhythm. I worked closely with founder Cynthia Samanian to discuss relevant food topics, create engaging articles, as well as plan and host food events around the Bay Area.

In the coming year, I hope to continue producing brand content and utilize my previous experience in managing campaigns and strategic content development to break into the marketing industry.

I am an avid storyteller with a passion for words, as well as the nuances and implications of language. I am a quick and independent worker, but also a writer who thrives on collaboration and learning from others’ feedback and perspectives.

Headshots by Luna Zhang