Inspiration: Write. Every. Day.

Anisa Nasir

I’ll begin this by saying:

“Write every day, even if it’s total crap. You’re putting forth the effort, and out of that can become something you’ve never imagined.”

I had heard, or read that a writer I love had said to write every day, whether or not you like it (I know we all love procrastinating! :O), so I’d just like to point out that the words are not mine. I could go on forever about speaking about getting up and doing something, and I really need to start listening to myself. My Summer is almost over, and school will be starting soon, and I’ve done absolutely nothing but sit around and watch all day. (NO JOKE).

Therefore, I’m spending the next few days writing, whether I want to or not because once I get into it, I could do it for hours. I’m just a pro at procrastinating…

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