“No! Thank you for thinking I am thoughtful.”

—Jane Austen, Emma

Hello, hello!

I’m Courtney Cheng.

I am an MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson, as well as a written and visual content creator who is passionate about Asian American and LGBTQ+ representation, media and pop culture, and education.

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At the Table

The best conversations are held over food.

Everyday Feminism

Last week, this NY Times article appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. Although I got a bit hung up about the slightly misleading headline, the body of the article struck a chord with me…

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Food Adventures in Taiwan

Since I last visited Taiwan in winter of 2005, it’d always been a great want of mine to return, for various reasons. You could eat out all three meals of the day and still not run out of new places to try — that’s how many cafés, restaurants, street carts, and other food places there are…

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Parting Words

Several weeks ago, I received an email from my honors thesis professor, encouraging me to apply to be a student speaker at the English Department commencement ceremony. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind before then, but I couldn’t think of a good reason why not to apply.

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