“No! Thank you for thinking I am thoughtful.”

—Jane Austen, Emma

Hello, hello!

I’m Courtney Cheng.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Recently earned my MBA from UCLA Anderson, now working in diversity & inclusion at Microsoft

Written and visual content creator passionate about advocating for historically underrepresented groups (particularly Asian American and LGBTQ+ folks), equitable access to education, and media and pop culture

At the Table

The best conversations are held over food.

remember /rəˈmembər/, v.

memories of crying over books, most recently Know My Name by Chanel Miller


Taiwan /ˈtaɪˈwɑn/, n.

introducing my favorite eats from my trip in 2015


commencement /kuh-mens-muhnt/, n.

the speech I would have given if I had been selected to be the student speaker at graduation