date /dāt/, n.

This post is coming a day late for two reasons:

1. No one wants to compete with the Oscars fiasco that left the Miss Universe organization and Steve Harvey feeling so relieved about their own slip up that they decided to get humorous about it.

Screenshot Courtesy of Twitter

2. I like this date better than yesterday’s, so I’m taking blogger’s liberties. At least this is an intentional choice to veer off the normal course — and not a massive accident documented in real time across the globe.

That being said, however, I do enjoy my happy accidents, particularly when they bring unespected joy at the end of a long week.

On Friday night, I went out to dinner with one of my closest friends and her boyfriend (I’d agreed to be third wheel) in Berkeley. We chose a restaurant last minute, and upon arriving, I discovered that two of my other close friends had decided to eat there for dinner that day as well.

In truth, it was only a brief reunion during which we exchanged hugs hello and goodbye, but the two part surprise was sweet all the same — and the fact that we’d made this happen at our [former] food publication’s favorite restaurant only makes me treasure this moment even more.

Berkeley Social Club | Photo by Courtney Cheng

My week sadly didn’t allow me the time to find comfort in homemade baked goods, so I made do with made-to-order store-bought donuts from Sweet Belly. (What a travesty, right?)

Sweet Belly has a tiny storefront. If you weren’t looking for it, you would definitely walk right past it, not realizing that its out-of-the-way location would lead into an adorable space with a clean, minimalist, slightly hipster aesthetic. (P.S. The grungy exterior makes for the perfect Instagram shot with your ice cream.)

The dessert shop, that also has a sister restaurant a couple blocks away, offers ice cream with a unique array of toppings and mini donuts to order, complete with their own sets of drizzles and cream dip sides.

Photo by Courtney Cheng

At the time, I had originally planned on getting just one donut, but Candle Boy made the executive decision to get us six, and I’m glad he did, because they were so much better than the powdered Donettes I used to have as a kid.

We also, by the suggestion of our very patient cashier, decided to try adding olive oil and sea salt on our toasted coconut ice cream, and then paired our cinnamon sugar donuts with raw honey drizzle and vanilla cream.

I definitely see (feel? taste?) the appeal of adding savory toppings to a cold, sweet dessert, but I’m not 100% certain I’d 10/10 recommend everyone to add olive oil and sea salt to their ice cream. Some bites can get a little too salty or a little too olivey, and as a person who often appreciates her ice cream as just plain vanilla, it was occasionally a little too overwhelming.

Photo by Courtney Cheng

Fear not, I’m not trying to malign our mini date. There were six fresh, tiny, adorable donuts which means I was a very happy human and very grateful that someone understood me enough to get six rather than just one.

I try not to be an emotional eater, even if the week feels like it’s eight days instead of just seven, but it’s kind of hard not to eat with people who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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